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5-3 paulownia.


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Japanese ginger.




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TM Systems Ltd. makes a Total Measuring System for agricultural, biological & environmental engineers and scientists, and maintains it.

TM Systems is Japanese cooperator of the PP Systems In.. (USA)

We perform sales, support and service of all products whitch PP Systems products.

TM Systems succeeded distributor from Koito Ind., Ltd. and opened on April 16 2008, and established a company on July 30 2009.

We wait for a quote request and consultation from customers and sales agency.


  Takashi visited the office o the PP Systems International Inc.

in Amesbury, MA  01913 USA

on Oct., 2008.

Please refer to the Geolog(Japanese) of this Home Page for detailes.




Takashi with Keith & Michael in Tokyo JAPAN  on Apr. 3, 1997


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